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Sunday, April 19, 2009


So at the beginning of the month I went back to Dallas, for my Mom's family reunion. My grandmother was turning 90 and the entire family and all the cousins were coming back. It was quite a lot of people, amazing that it all started with one pair.

For the flight over, I stopped through Phoenix, and from there I took some pictures from the air. We flew over El Paso and the Rio Grande, funny how insignificant international borders can look. Then there were the oil drill pads of west texas, followed by the wind turbines on the edge of the Edward's Plateau. It was new energy meeting old energy.

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The craziest thing about the flight was this massive dog that sat in the front row of the coach section. It was huge. It's owner bought the entire row and it laid on the floor. Occasionally it would stand up to look out the window and at the end of his flight he stood up on the seat and looked around.

The reunion was a lot of fun. I hadn't seen a lot of the cousins in ten years or more. My grandmother was the center of attention. My mom organized the matching shirts and slogan, "Hull-abaloo" which we later learned was some king of an Aggie word. That caused some fun arguments.

The cake with 90 candles was a fire hazard, but made for a great group picture.

I stole the group shots from my dad.

April is almost over, and I'm hoping for many more postings this summer!