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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


While I was in Michigan for the HofGow wedding bonanza, I took a couple days before and after to enjoy Chicago. It had been over 10 years since I'd been there, and I was excited to go back as an adult.

Walking around downtown had so many great sights and neat sculptures.

The first stop in town was to the Art Institute. I really liked their Impressionism works. They had a few great Van Goughs, a room of really good Monets and Seurat's famous picnic scene (which is surprisingly massive). The rest of the museum was a collection of expensive and noteworthy works, but not really in a context to make it understandable.

My favorite part was the Throne Rooms which were little miniature rooms made to look like rooms from different periods in a shadow box. The neatest thing was you could look through the windows and doors to see other rooms that were built, but you would not get a straight shot. All of the furniture was hand made to scale.

Justin met up with me that evening and we went out for deep dish pizza and a nice jazz bar. Before we left for Michigan the next day, we toured Millennium Park and the big silver bean. I'm sure it has a better name, but that's what it looks like. It could use a cleaning, but what a neat art piece.

When we got back from the wedding, the weather was perfect. We walked out Navy Pier which was slammed. The buildings of city looked so pretty over the water. We were still exhausted from the wedding that night and stayed in.

Monday was Labor Day and my birthday, I was turning 29. We met up with Bonnie and Todd and went to a Cubs game, a great celebration. The first person to sing me happy birthday was the woman serving our first beer in the stadium. We had great seats on the 3rd base line and the game was exciting. The Cubs won and they raised their W flag while singing their victory song. On the walk home we went in a bar and surprised to find it rocking like a Saturday night. Nothing like a party in the afternoon.

Justin left the next day, so we had lunch together and said adios. I went down to the river and took the architecture boat tour that everyone told me to check out. And for good reason, it was a fun way to see the city, and they served beer!

The next day it was time for me to go, but my flight wasn't till 5. So I walked up to the Hancock Tower to have lunch and enjoy the view. I think the Hancock is my favorite building in Chicago. It was quite the view, and fun to pick out all the places in the city that I had been while I was there.

Monday, September 12, 2011

HofGow Wedding

Two of my favorite friends from Winnemucca, Matt and Amanda were getting married in michigan, so winnemuccans from all over came in. I think there were about 15 of us there and we brought the party.

The wedding was set at Amanda's childhood home somewhere outside of South Haven, MI. I don't know really where, because we took a shuttle that drove us around. The ceremony was amongst the trees in the back yard and they had a big tent set up for dinner and the after party.

Her house was amazing. Amanda's mom is a gardner with a couple rows of greenhouses and a vegetable garden that looked delicious.

The tent proved to be useful because a front was moving in and we got a couple minor rain storms. It was much welcomed because it had been so hot up until then. The rain really cooled everything down. It had been so long since I have seen a storm moving across the sky with lightning and big never ending clouds. All the Nevadans stood around watching it and debating if they actually owned an umbrella or not.

After dinner the party got started with dancing and drinking. The bride shot gunned a beer and there were keg stands. We partied late into the night and continued at the hotel.