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Monday, March 29, 2010

Recent Activities

I have been busy recently. But unfortunately don't have good pictures of any of it. I blame the stress of the house (see previous post).

Alex and Casey stopped by to visit for a night 10 days ago. I took them on a tour of Reno. We saw a tournament at the bowling stadium, sad people in casinos, disturbing hula hoopers and other wonderful things of Reno. We came back to my place and had steaks and a long night of telling stories. I have no pictures of any of this, and I regret that, but I fully enjoyed the moment.

I've been skiing more regularly. It started over beers with friends of friends at a bar and now we've been skiing the past four weeks in a row. The season is coming to a close in the next couple of weeks and the conditions are getting gross, but it's been fun. I did get a picture of Matt, Tara and I at Sugarbowl last weekend, since it was probably Tara's last weekend. And Tara took some pictures of Matt and I hitting some jumps.

The Humboldt Boaters had an event in Reno. I led the bar tour on Friday night for Vince and Justin. Then on Saturday morning we went out for breakfast at Pegs Glorified Ham and Eggs. I wish I could eat there every day.

We also had our first softball practice of the year. A group put together by a network of friends where no one knows everyone. The weather was perfect, and it'll be a great way to bring in summer. I hope to have more photos of games during the summer.

I have a feeling it's going to be a good summer!