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Monday, June 27, 2011


Kristina and Aaron were getting married, so it was a great reason to make a trip to Portland.

I got there Friday morning to do some work, the flight had some good sights.

Eve came in the afternoon, and we went out for a nice dinner at the Portland City Grill. It's on the 30th floor of the Bank Tower with great views. Hood was in clouds most of the time, but it was great to watch the sunset on the city. I had the salmon which was amazing and Eve had the seafood risotto. It took two hours, but each bite was savory.

We met up with the wedding party from there.

Saturday we walked around downtown looking for a brunch place. It was a beautiful day.

The wedding was at the forestry center. It was a nice ceremony with a fun reception. We had more good food, fun toasts and entertaining people.

Sunday they had a brunch at their house and Eve and I went to the Rose Garden before flying out. It was a quick weekend, but a great vacation.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Old 97's

After the Odyssey, by 5 I was on the road heading to Sacramento. I might have been exhausted, but the Old 97's were playing and I had to see them. It was an amazing show. It wasn't very crowded, but it did mean I got to be up close in the center. They played for two hours and it was amazing.

After the show I was on cloud 9, until I got back to my car and it had a window broken out and my 3 year old iPod taken. The worst thing I lost was the perfect cable to hook up the audio jack to the car speakers.

Monday, June 6, 2011


Just after getting back from Yosemite, it was time for the Odyssey. The Odyssey is a 178 mile, 12 man relay race. It goes all night and you share a car with a couple people for 30 hours. This year it was me and three girls, and we had a blast.

This year I ran leg 6. It was fun to see a different part of the course then last year. I ran better and better each leg. I think I was just getting better at pacing myself. My last leg was up to Virginia City which is brutally uphill. I found that I was faster when I just leaned forward and hiked it rather then trying to run.

We finished Saturday about 3.