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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of June

With the new camera, I ended up taking it wherever I went and this is some of what I did at the end of June.

Heading to the airport I saw this awesome cloud. It looks like a cap cloud that blew of Mt. Rose.

Eve took me out for sushi at Hiroba. It was amazing and in a really odd shopping mall. But for 16.95 all you can eat, it's impossible to beat. The round one has banana on it.

My college friend Zach came through town with his band and Matt and Amanda were in town staying with me. We all went to the show and Eve met up with us. It was great to see Zach and playing live. I'm always jealous of the Austin shows, so I'm glad I got to see it. We all agreed, he was better then the main act.

Saturday, Eve got a haircut and wanted to go out on the town. We met up with a lot of her friends at the West Street Wine Bar I wasn't up for wine, but got a classy Chimay.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Epic Friday

I bought a new camera, the Cannon S90. So I expect to be taking many more pictures now.

So I took it out when I went to the USA world cup game Friday at 7am. In the first five minutes it was useful because I saw this truck that had been repainted by what I assume was someone's ex-girlfriend.

We enjoyed the game and glad it was a tie, but were looking for the win. Lost that bet...

From there, Tara, Matt and I had the day off work so we decided to kill some time and watch the 11am england game. So we stopped by a casino, because it was the only bar open at 10am, then headed for the ballpark.

Tara works for the Aces so people started joining us for lunch. The game itself was pretty boring, but we had a lot of fun. Pitchers of beer kept coming, and they messed up our brawt order, so we got two extras for free. We couldn't help but laugh when we saw our bill was 16 dollars.

From there we decided to go on a tour of the ball park. We checked out the suites and the seats behind home plate. Then stopped by Tara's office and hung out in the locker room. We were pretty stoked when we found the eye black strips.

From there Matt left and Tara and I went and hung out in the dugout. Certainly a different perspective on the ball field. We hung out drinking a growler that Tara's coworker had brewed. It was a great way to spend the afternoon and pace ourselves for the rest of the night.

We left to go grab dinner when we heard music coming from the bars and remembered the Bare Naked Ladies were playing a small acoustic set at the bar. We dropped in and sat in were sitting about 40 feet from the stage. We only saw a few songs, but it was entertaining to happen in on.

We went downstairs to eat at the new Mexican food place and it didn't quite live up to the hype. But it was pretty nice at the end of the meal when our waiter said our bill had been taken care of. From there we headed back downtown to see the Tour de Nez critirum bike race. It has been years since I've seen a bike race and it was as exciting as I remembered. We got a beer from Jungle Vino and a to-go cup to watch the race.

While we were watching the race we saw two guys we met during the NCAA championship, Kyle and Colby. After the race we met up with them at a Imperial, then went down to the Tap House. Matt came back and rejoined us and we went to the Old Bridge Pub and then over to the St. James Infirmary. By this point it was midnight and time to go to bed.

I never thought when I left my house I'd be gone for so long, but I'm glad I grabbed my camera on the way out.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Reno Odyssey

The Reno Tahoe Odyssey is a 12 person, 178 mile race that starts in Reno, goes up to Lake Tahoe, down into Carson City, up and out to Virgina City and back down into Reno.

My friends Austin and Kerry put together a team, and I was the 11 leg. We split up into two cars, so we could get breaks between the legs. We spent a lot of time decorating the car, on our first set of legs. Our first section went from Truckee around up to Lake Tahoe. I ran along the river to where it comes out of the lake, which was very pretty.

After that we went to Jill's in South Lake Tahoe and slept for about an hour, before packing up and meeting the other car at the top of Kingsbury Grade. It was neat to see all the people running through town with lights on, and the course was mostly empty except for us. I had a flat night run that felt great. Our section took us from the pass, down through Genoa and out to Carson City.

After Carson, we had to pick up an extra leg because Austin had injured himself. Laura and I split it, but worst was we didn't really get to sleep. After the leg we drove to Virgina City and cat napped in the car. Fortunately the bar, Bucket of Blood, opened special at 5am. I had a delicious bloody mary.

In Virgina City we got to see the Battle Born team go by. It's all elite distance runners from Nevada who are in it to win it. They did the whole thing in under 18 hours. That means they averaged under 6 min. miles for the entire thing. Going downhill, I'm sure they were doing 4.5 min. Unfortunately there are not pictures, because as some one said, it's like a meteor going by.

Our last leg was the longest, hardest and hottest. We picked it up just out of Virgina City and back into Reno. I walked a lot of my segment, but so were a lot of other people. At the end we were glad to be done, took an amazing shower and passed out. I might just be up to do it again next year.


Mom came out to help with the house and celebrate Mothers Day. She picked a great weekend. We won our softball game, ran the runnamuck and worked on my house. Pictures of the house to come later.