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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Impound on the Range

This is my first official post for this blog. Up to now it was tests and demos, but this is going to be the real deal. My goal is to combine story's and pictures of what I'm up to along with a map where these things happened. So you can read the story and then see the pictures and where it was all of it took place. I think geography can play a crucial role to stories that is often left out and overlooked.

So to start it all off, I'll discuss our cow impound. I work for the Bureau of Land Management and we manage land for cattle grazing. Now there are people that let their cows on our land with out a permit. One in particular had been warned several times, so on MLK day we went to collect her cows.

She was none to pleased we were taking her cows, and there was even an incident where she hit an ATV rider with her truck. The whole thing even made the news.
It was all pretty exciting.

So after we gathered these cows, we took them back to our office and kept them in pens in the yard. Not your typical place for a cattle hold. So for a week I got to play cowboy helping round up and then sort the cows. We even had a couple born while they were here.

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Let me know what you think of the setup and style, I think this should get more exciting as it warms up and I go on more trips!

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