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Saturday, April 5, 2008


So as some people might have heard, I'm in the process of buying the house that I'm living in. Since Google Street View hasn't made it to Winnemucca yet, I figured I'd provide my own street shots.

View Larger Map Click here to see the pictures in google earth.

Click around the dots and see the house from all angles and if you click the slide show you can see some interior's as well. As usual, under the map you can click to download a file to view the pictures in Google Earth.

This is our cat Ho Chi Meow and you can see her posing in a number of the pictures. This is her new favorite way to sit in the most traveled areas of the house. It's like she's trying to be stepped on. Crazy cats.


Carolina said...

I definitely dig the lights! ;)

danielle said...

awesome kitchen - so big! congrats on the big purchase :)