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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winnemucca got Street View

So Google went a little crazy and put street view up for what seems like the entire country. And Winnemucca is included, it is quite amazing. So I figure I could give a little tour through my little town. We figured they came by sometime last February. It was also right after a nice snow so all of the mountains look really pretty.

Here is my current house. The winnebago is from the guy that lived there before. Notice the leaning mailbox, it still isn't put in the ground.

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Now these are a couple of pictures from the snow that we got this week.

Here is my old house, with my car out front. Guess I was a little late to work.

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Pan to the right to see a good view of Winnemucca Mountain.

Here are the first apartments I lived in.

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This is the bar that we usually go to.

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Yes it is called Cheers, and yes everyone probably knows your name. And if you look close, the sign is just a banner put over another sign that says Bridge Street Bar. It has been like that since I moved here and I don't think they are planning on changing.

Winners is the big casino in town.

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If you turn the picture around you will see the Convention Center. This is basically the middle of town.
The funny thing about this picture is that it's from the summer, and any direction you go from here, the pictures are back to winter.

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