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Sunday, February 1, 2009


Last week I had a training in Denver, which wasn't that exciting. I learned some neat things about using images to do monitoring. I'll post more about that after working on projects myself. My last night there, I did get to meet up with an old college friend, Jennifer, for dinner. We had a great time, but no pictures.

On my flight home from Denver to Reno I had a window seat and no one in the middle. The way it should be. It was a clear day so I took pictures almost the whole way home. I really like taking pictures from the air of things I've seen on the ground. It's a neat perspective. Here are a few, but click on the map and you can see

I think this is the flaming gorge, it's right above Dinosaur National Park

Here is North Salt Lake City. The mountains look so small from above.

These are mines in central Nevada. The first one is still active, and in the front is the leach pad where they pour cyanide on the rocks and get the gold, and in the background is the pit where they get the rocks.

So this is actually a picture of Winnemucca. It is the spot just to the left at the end of the mountain range. It's a town of about 8,000 and I call home.

This is the famous Black Rock Playa. The big flat spot is where Burning Man is going to happen in about seven months. The big mountain on the close side is called Trego, and on the far side the lighter mountains are the Calicos. In the picture on the right you can see the black rock on the right that the playa is named for.

And finally into Reno where the only tall buildings there are hotels from the casinos.

Check out the map for all the pictures across the mountains. Overhead is a pretty neat view.

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1 comment:

danielle said...

i always try to figure out what i'm flying over but fail miserably. i need to fly somewhere with you! i always appreciate pilots who announce stuff like that.