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Monday, September 12, 2011

HofGow Wedding

Two of my favorite friends from Winnemucca, Matt and Amanda were getting married in michigan, so winnemuccans from all over came in. I think there were about 15 of us there and we brought the party.

The wedding was set at Amanda's childhood home somewhere outside of South Haven, MI. I don't know really where, because we took a shuttle that drove us around. The ceremony was amongst the trees in the back yard and they had a big tent set up for dinner and the after party.

Her house was amazing. Amanda's mom is a gardner with a couple rows of greenhouses and a vegetable garden that looked delicious.

The tent proved to be useful because a front was moving in and we got a couple minor rain storms. It was much welcomed because it had been so hot up until then. The rain really cooled everything down. It had been so long since I have seen a storm moving across the sky with lightning and big never ending clouds. All the Nevadans stood around watching it and debating if they actually owned an umbrella or not.

After dinner the party got started with dancing and drinking. The bride shot gunned a beer and there were keg stands. We partied late into the night and continued at the hotel.

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