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Saturday, September 8, 2012


I wanted to get back to Boise for my birthday. Turning 30, I wanted to be with friends and it just so happened my favorite band was going to be playing in town.
On my way down, I checked out a couple sights I'd always heard about. First was the Grande Coulee Dam. It wasn't that impressive as I had thought. It is a mile across, but the size didn't seem to live up... But then I stopped by the dry falls from the prehistoric missoulan floods, and it was amazing. The idea of water pouring over the edge was hard to picture. Then I passed what has to be the smallest international airport I've seen. Must have a single flight to canada.
When I got back to Boise we had a great time out for my birthday. We rode bikes down for a pre drink, then the Old 97's put on a great show. They were celebrating the 15 year release of their album Too Far To Care. They played the album straight through and I sang along to every song. They played for another hour and it was a great birthday.

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