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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bog Hot Springs

It's Here!!! That time we call field season is upon us! That means more days out of the office and weekend trips all over the place. The snow has stopped and the nights aren't painfully cold.

This weekend was a Humboldt Boaters trip to Bog Hot Springs. Boaters trips usually involve boats of some kind, but it's always nice to start off the cooler months with a hot springs trip or two.

Calling Bog a spring is a bit of an under statement. In a quarter mile it comes out of the ground and forms a stream of hot water. Probably six feet wide and a foot and a half deep. It comes out of the ground about 120 and only cools off to about 90. Someone has taken the time to form a few pools with gravel bottoms and the big one you can stand in, with the water up to your waist.

It still got pretty cold at night, one thermometer said 19 on Sunday morning. We soaked before dinner, then waited for the moon to come up to get back in for a soak under the stars. It was only 8.30 or so, but my swimming suit was already frozen stiff. So a couple of us decided to go au' natural.

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This next weekend I'm going out to Soldier Meadows hot springs for a volunteer event. Should be a lot of fun and will post pictures!

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