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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lake Tahoe

Last weekend, Jessica's family was coming to Tahoe and we joined them for an extended weekend.

We left right after work Wednesday, drove to Reno, picked up Jessica's sister, Chelsea, Doyle and their almost one year old, Aden. Jessica's mom and brother John were waiting for us with cold beer in the fridge. It was great to see her family again since New Years in Michigan.

The first day we went to Squaw Valley. It was huge with tons of lifts and runs. Since it was a Thursday, it was empty with no lift lines to speak of. I was excited because I just got new skis last week and couldn't wait to try them out. They were great! The weather was great, it was sunny and in the 50s, really to hot for a jacket. An unfortunate side effect was, I didn't wear gloves, and got a killer sunburn on the back of my hands.

The next day we went to Alpine Meadows and on the first run of the day, Jessica had to stop skiing because her knee was in pain from a fall the day before. The snow was a little tough and icy and grabbed her ski. Later she learned that she strained a ligament in her knee and was off the slopes for the rest of the weekend, bummer. That night, Jessica's uncle Pete, aunt Lisa and kids Adam, 9, and Elena, 5, showed up.

The next day we went to Homewood which is a little smaller, but a lot of fun. I made the mistake of leaving the house without my ski boots, but it was only a half hour later I was on the lift.

Sunday we took the day off from skiing and went sledding with the kids. Then we went to town for lunch and ran into Caitlin Morris, who I don't think I've seen in over five years. After lunch I tried out my cross country skis that Jessica got me for Christmas, but I haven't had a chance to test till now. I left later that night to drive back to Winnemucca and Jessica stayed behind to hitch a ride to Vegas for a conference.

It was a great trip and lots of fun.

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