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Monday, June 23, 2008

Danielle and Tim's wedding

Last weekend I made the trip over to Carmel, CA for Tim and Danielle's wedding. I had a great time, I just wish it could have had more time with friends.

I got there Friday and everyone was still busy with dinner so I wandered to the beach. What a change from the desert. It's funny how the definition of sand can have so many meanings, and it felt great to have the beach between my toes. It was like a movie with kids playing, dogs running and the sun setting. Later someone commented how it was strangely void of transients that you might typically find.

Friday night was awesome and I got to see so many old friends. Matt was gracious enough to let us party at his cottage. We had a little midnight on the beach and Crispy went for a swim. I lost Rock Paper Scissors and was in charge of rescuing him if needed.

The next day I explored town some more while I fought off a hangover. I found a pretty neat photography store with a number of Ansel Adams originals, but not to many from the beach area which I was surprised by. In the evening the wedding was at The Playa hotel. I think it was everything they wanted, and it was really cute. They were sniffling the whole time and it was hard to hold back. Some of us were guessing how many times Tim would cry and we think he did pretty well with just two.

Afterwards there was a fun reception and then dinner and dancing. There was the Bouquet and Garter tossing along with a delicious cake. Occasionally I'd think how weird that weddings of my friends has become commonplace. There were a couple comments at how old we were becoming. Even so, we still partied like we were in college and went on a spree to buy tons of beer for an after party, again at Matt's cottage (really Matt, thanks a lot!)

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Sunday was the long drive back. 1000 miles driving and two hard party nights can certainly make you exhausted. On the way back I could see the smoke from the fires that had erupted all over northern Cal. Looked like work to me, and sounds like we're first up on Thursday if anything big goes down.

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