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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Burgdorf Hot Springs

A couple weeks ago Jessica and I took a trip up to Idaho. We stayed the night in Boise and had fun in the big town. Went to some bars and randomly saw a band. The next morning it was pouring and we loved it. We hadn't seen a good rainstorm in awhile. The weather was cloudy/rainy for most the weekend so I didn't take to many pictures, but it was nice not to be in the desert.

Saturday was the highlight of the trip when we went to Burdorf Hot Springs for the night. It is north of McCall, ID and in the middle of the Payette Forest. The history says that a guy went up to mine for gold, and found this hot spring, so he made camp there, and stayed there till he was 82.

The pool itself is amazing. It's 30 feet wide and 50 feet long and 5 feet deep. It's a real pool. The sides are logs and it has a gravel bottom. It holds 225,000 gallons and has almost no sulfur smell.

We stayed in one of the 10 or so cabins they have there, that were built at different periods. Ours was called First Cabin and had a date outside that said 1846. We don't know if the cabin was that old, they had obviously redone the walls and ceiling and had a new stove installed, but the ceiling beams were hand hewen with chisel marks on them. The whole place is off the grid, there was a wood burning stove and an oil lamp, and an outhouse.

Staying there was great. The clouds broke up enough at night to see some stars and shooting stars and the steam coming off the pool in the morning was spectacular. It was hard to leave Sunday and come back to Nevada. It felt like a lot more then a weekend.

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1 comment:

danielle said...

wow! idaho is a beautiful state!! i've only driven through part of it, a long time ago, and i don't remember it being so colorful!