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Friday, May 1, 2009


I had a Geospatial conference in Snowbird, UT this week. So I came in early to go skiing.

I was expecting spring conditions and a couple of good days of snow. Well, I was mistaken. Saturday the day started off well and skiing felt good. It had been a year since I'd been downhill but it came back quickly.

It started to get worse in the afternoon and soon it was a white out and I couldn't see down the run. Then the snow started coming down in big fat flakes and then the wind kicked up. I rode the tram up and tried doing a run, but after 100 yards I couldn't tell where to go down or where the run went. I thought this was dumb and I took off my skis and walked back to the tram and rode down.

Sunday was even worse, so I just stayed in my room and relaxed. The rest of the week was perfect. Bright and sunny, but I was in trainings and presentations all day so I didn't even get to enjoy it. Bummer. So on Friday I thought I'd try going again for the morning before I left, and I woke up and it looked like Saturday all over again. Just no luck with the weather.

An odd thing about the rooms here, there is a window from the room, into the bathroom. It's very odd, but I did figure out it's great to watch TV from the shower.

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1 comment:

danielle said...

there's a hotel in the sonoma valley that has a similar set up. not an actual window, but these shutters that open up from the bathtub into the room. odd...