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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Green Lakes

Jessica wanted to go camping for a weekend so she came to Reno and we went out to Green Lakes near Bridgeport, CA. It's basically the backside of Yosemite. We had a lot of fun. It also became official, my camera had dirt stuck between two pieces of the glass and there's no way to clean it off.

We headed out Saturday morning and got to our campsite about 1 in the afternoon. Rain clouds were coming, so we hung out in the car. The rain soon turned to hail and was bouncing around everywhere. The ground was covered with pea sized hail. The storm cleared off, so we explored around the river, and about forty five minutes later, there was another storm. We spent most the afternoon in the car relaxing and watching the weather. When the rain began, we realized we didn't bring any kind of rain gear. I guess summer had spoiled us. I guess now, fall is rapidly approaching.

Sunday we got up, pack camp and went hiking. We headed up the canyon, past green lake and to East lake. It felt great to be hiking, surrounded by trees and granite. The valley was impressive and certainly glacial. At Burning Man the week before I had somehow sprained my ankle and it was still giving me trouble on the hike. The views were worth it and I was glad we made it to the lake.

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