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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


So instead of Burning Man, we went to the Tri-county rodeo in Winnemucca. A whole different side of the coin.

We went to the rodeo Friday and Saturday night. Friday night was great because it was the pig wrestling. Basically teams of 4 tried to get a pig into a barrel. Best of all, Jessica was in it!

They started out with the 2-9 year olds. They went after piglets. Then there was the guys and they went for massive couple hundred pound pigs. It was an impressive feat. Jessica's group was had a medium sized pig. The little pen their in was filled with mud that was supplied by a water drilling company, so the it was really oil soaked mud, and really slippery.

Saturday we went and saw the real bull riding rodeo. It was fun and authentic. Just ranch hands and cowboys trying to win the buckle. And after being in town for a few years, I knew some of the family names from the different large ranches.

Sunday I dropped Blake off at the airport and enjoyed a labor day of doing nothing!

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