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Thursday, October 8, 2009

New York City 2

I’ve been meaning to post this sooner, but the internet I was stealing at home has quite working. I could just pay for my own, but I’m cheap and might be moving soon. So for the near future, I’ll just have to use it at my gym, coffee shops and bars. It’s nice to have a laptop.

I wanted to have a part two of New York to include pictures of me! Shameless I know, but to often I find myself behind the camera and no real proof I was somewhere. First is this picture from Facebook of the two Canadians I met at a cross walk Sunday night. We had a great time and went to McSorley’s, out for wings and then dancing at an irish bar. Amazing who you can meet on the street.

Then these are from my dad. They are always well done, and more can be found here and here.

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