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Monday, October 26, 2009

Treasure Island

For my birthday Jessica got us VIP tickets to the treasure island music festival on treasure island, CA. The highlight was the Flaming Lips were closing.

The show wasn't till sunday so we made a weekend of it and went apple picking Saturday. It really made it seem like fall. We picked apples, drank cider and ate doughnuts. It was a little warm, but I'll take that over raining.

Sunday we got to the event early and had a great time looking around the grounds. There was a lot more there then just the music. There was a whole carnival.

I got to see a lot of acts I've always wanted to see. Beirut was great, the Decemberists did a rock opera and the best was the Flaming Lips. It was really our primary reason for going and it did not disappoint. I want to go again.

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