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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


A friend of mine in Winnemucca raises a couple cows every year and havests them in the fall. I said I was interested and bought a half rack. Basically one half of a cow. So I bought a chest freezer and Matt and Amanda brought down the meat.

Now to answer some basic questions. It cost 652 dollars and the chest freezer was from craigslist for 200. I'm not sure of the final weight, but the hanging weight was about 280 pounds. You loose some when it's sliced and diced, but overall it's less then store bought. The steaks are huge and delicious. There is probably 15 pounds of stew meat and 30 or so ground beef. So if you have a good meatball recipe let me know. Seeing it all wrapped in little packages is kind of weird. I organized it by cuts and it was a little dexter-ish if you know what I mean.

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