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Sunday, February 28, 2010

New House

One of the reasons for my lack of posts is I bought a house! I think the official close date was February 22nd. I started this process back in August and put the offer on my current place in October. I can't believe it took so long, but if you ever want to hear about a short sale, I can tell you the inside-out.

I have spent a lot of the last month moving in and trying to get things put away. The house I bought was only 3 blocks from where I was living. 3 blocks or 300 miles, moving is annoying. I didn't want to take any pictures until I felt situated.

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A is my first house, B is my new house

My house was built in 1926 and was one of the first expansions in Reno to be south of the river. It's a craftsmen home that has seen a lot. It has a full basement, which I know to my Texas friends is a novelty. It's great to have a place to keep all my gear.

I have already done a bit to improve the place. I spent a long time cleaning it. I also spent a long time trying to get the lighting right. The last guy put the max wattage of lights in every fixture. Eventually I got it to a place I was satisfied. I'm excited to have have a large bookshelf and a mantle, now I just need some trophies to put on it.

It is easy to see that it needs a paint job. That is my goal for the month of April. Then May might be taking on the back yard and June will be some beginning work in the basement. Expect more updates in the future.

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