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Thursday, August 23, 2012


After I left my dad I headed for Wateron National Park. Apparently being unemployed on a long trip flags you, so I got searched at the border. Fortunately they had a mobile x-ray machine so they didn't rip through every bag I had, just ran them all through the x-ray. After telling them how much money I had, what credit cards I was carrying and an hour waiting in the lobby, they let me carry on. My plan was to spend a day hiking around the park, then look for my hiking friends, Lint and Dirt Monger (trail names). As I was driving down the main road to the lodge, I saw a dirty hiker on the side of the road I stopped and it was Lint! They had finished a day early. Dirt already had a ride back to the states. I yelled at Lint and he didn't recognize me and was a little scared. He was stoked when he figured out who I was. So off we went to Calgary.
On the way to Calgary, I had seen a place on the map called Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump. With a name like that, how could I not stop and visit. The picture in front of the sign alone was worth it. When we got there, a shuttle came around to take us from the parking lot to the building. We were confused and asked the bus driver, "Isn't it only 100 yards up there?" She replied, It's 100 meters." Right it's a foreign country. So after walking 3100 miles (who knows how many KM), Lint rode a bus 100 meters to get to a museum.
We were surprised it was a rather large museum. As the name suggests it was at a place that Blackfoot Indians would corral buffalo to run them off a cliff. Inside they had a recreation of the jump as well as lots of history, pictures and documents from the tribe.
Then we carried on to Calgary. It's a pretty town that we explored for a couple days. I had to take one day to fill out a job application at the library. I was going to have to come back to reality eventually.
I dropped Lint off at the airport. He was flying to the Alps to do some crazy ultramarathon, and I headed north to check out Edmonton. For being the capitol of the province, I wasn't to impressed by Edmonton. I checked out their fringe festival and drove past the mall that is larger then the mall of americas and decided to head out towards Jasper.

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