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Monday, May 19, 2008

Washington DC II

Last week, I was at a training in Washington DC. While I was there I had a lot of fun as well.

Tuesday night I met up with Suzy and her new husband Jake. We had a great dinner and fun meeting up, we couldn't remember how many years it had been since we saw each other. After they left, I went to a few bars, met some Australians and had a great time.

Wednesday I met up with my uncle Charles for dinner. Then Thursday I went back downtown and had an easy time meeting up with people. I managed to meet people who went to UT and knew people that went to Southwestern. Small World. Friday my class finished early, and my brother was coming to town. I went into the city a little early so I could walk around and see all of the monuments. It felt great to get out after being pinned up in class all week.

So when Blake got there, we went out and had a great time. There was a drunk train ride home with some girls from Texas. Then Saturday we moved over to our room in the Mayflower. It was sweet. Actually it was a suite. The location was perfect. In the afternoon our uncle came and picked us up and we went to Baltimore to see a map presentation at the art museum. It was a great show and I saw the original Mercator Map as well as Presidental and DaVinci maps. The map nerd in me was excited, but unfortunatly we couldn't take pictures.

Saturday night I went out to a delecious steak dinner with Blake. Then we went to an Irish bar. Jim came out with Claire to say hi and I was glad we got to see them while I was on the east coast. It was a great night. Sunday we met up with our Uncle and family for brunch and then to the Building Museum. Blake had to leave at 3 and we stopped by the art museum's sculpture garden before I was dropped off at the airport.

I was flying to Vegas for a conference, where I am now. I had a great time in DC and can't wait till I can visit again. Coming to Vegas was a bit of a change because it was cloudy and 75 in DC and almost 100 when I landed in Vegas.

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Next up is Reno for a couple days and then this weekend I'll be at the Black Rock Rendezvous. It will be great to be out in the middle of nowhere again!

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