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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Washington DC

I’m on my way to DC for another training course. This one is on how to analyze satellite imagery. Most things people are looking for are soil types, riparian impacts, or roads and other infrastructure. I hope I can get involved with some projects after taking this class.

On the way I had the window seat and took some pictures.

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The past week was a busy one with unpacking, cleaning and repacking. It was also the start of softball season. We opened with a forfeit and lost our second game. Softball is always a great time and the sign that summer is hear.

Friday Jessica and I left for Reno to go to the Reno River Festival and hang out in the city for a weekend. After DC I’m headed for Las Vegas for a three days for a conference there, then to Reno for another day conference. I figure I’m just going to stay in Reno again and head up to the Black Rock Rendezvous for Memorial Day weekend. A busy time of year for sure.

While in DC I’m hoping to meet up with friends and my brother is coming down for the weekend.

1 comment:

danielle said...

sounds like your CO trip was great! that's a lot of snow for nearly summertime! and have fun in DC!