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Thursday, May 22, 2008


After the weekend in DC I flew to Vegas for a three day conference. I was staying at the Orleans which was nice enough but not on the strip. That was nice, because then the table minimums weren't as high.

Sunday night I got in with enough energy to crawl into bed and still felt the same way about Monday night, but did play craps, and came out ten bucks up. Not bad. The conference had it's ups and downs as they tend to do. Sometime Tuesday I realized I hadn't been outside since I had arrived on Sunday. These places are traps.

So Tuesday night I got out with Vince and we made the rounds. We took the shuttle to the strip and walked up one side and down another going into any casino we saw. I was glad I finally got to see the Chihully installation in the Bellagio. It was two windy for the fountain display that night.

Wednesday we drove up to Reno in a serious wind. The west is having one of those crazy spring events with tons of wind and dropping temperatures. Sunday was record highs, 100 in the Muc and 110 in Vegas. But when we were leaving the high was only 75.

I am staying at the pepermill and when I checked in they said all the rooms I'd requested were booked, so I'd be upgraded to a suite! Awesome. A weird fact of the trip, I'd been in 4 different hotels, and each the room was at the end of the hall, but this was different because it had windows on each side with a great view of the sunset and a jacuzzi. I didn't even try gambling, it was awesome.

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Now this weekend is the Black Rock Rendezvous and it should be a blast. It will still be cold and we're expecting lows in the 40's and maybe even snow. Crazy. I'm sure there will be pictures and updates when I get back.

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