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Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July

I had a very busy 4th of July!

First I left on Friday and headed out to Quincy for the High Sierra Music Festival. I heard it was the best festival so I had to check it out. We got there Friday afternoon and set up camp. We missed the rush so had to stay in the annex. It wasn't that bad because we had some entertaining neighbors and room to camp in.

After we pitched camp, we went and saw the Avett Brothers that were great, then we took a tour of the vendors. I Have to say Avatar imports was the craziest name.

There was this one band that was playing on top of an RV. They were pretty good for being unaffiliated. There were some great stilt costumes. I ran into Hayes and didn't know he'd be there. Then we went back and watched Widespread Panic. That night we got tickets for the late show which was Beats Antique which Eve really liked and the Marchforth Marching Band. It was a long and great night.

The next day we ran some errands and then caught the end of BLVD, my favorite discovery of the weekend. We went over and saw Trombone Shorty which was great and the headliner was the Black Crows. I thought they were good, but tried to fit a 45 minute show into 2 hours, so there was a lot of solos and other time fillers. Even and I laid down in the grass and looked for satellites.

So Sunday was the 4th and we needed to leave. We took the long way back and passed through Nevada City. They were having a quaint 4th of July festivities. We couldn't stay around for the parade, but we did get a hot dog and ice cream.

For the evening of the 4th we had a bar-b-q at Eve's house which has a great view of the valley and the fireworks from the nugget. It was a great view.

Monday was the holiday so we headed up to Tahoe. Eve dropped me off at Tahoe meadows and I hiked the 13 miles to sand harbor where she was meeting friends on the beach. It was such a great day I ran most of the way, it was hard not to. And wrapped up perfectly at Sand Harbor.

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