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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long Butte Fire

I had a great productive weekend on the house, and was planning on going tubing Sunday when I got a call to go to a fire. It was the Long Butte Fire outside of Twin Falls, ID. When I got there that night it had already burned close to 300,000 acres in the first 30 hours and there was fire everywhere.

The next morning a lot of it had burned out. There was still work to do and stuff was still burning, but it didn't significantly grow in size. It was a good bit of work and I got to go up in a helicopter to map unburned islands within the fire. Pretty awesome way to see it.

We would have been done by Friday, except Thursday night we got a huge lightning storm and 4 new starts in our area. We could see one of the columns of smoke from camp and everyone got pretty excited. I grabbed some pictures. We almost had them wrapped up Saturday, but the fire crept across the line and blew out another couple thousand acres.

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