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Friday, June 15, 2012

Ghost Ranch to Chama

My parents dropped me off at Ghost Ranch in the afternoon and I hiked on.
It felt good to be back on the trail and the rocks were vibrant. Leaving ghost ranch is the transition area from the desert to the mountains. Climbing up and out of the colorful rocks the springs become more frequent and the trees become taller. I saw elk grazing in fields at sunset and crossed over 10,000 feet elevation for the first time.
I hiked alone for the first two days which I enjoyed because I could set my own schedule and be alone with my thoughts for awhile. I thought a lot about the reading I had done and how far I had come.
The third day I was sitting by a stream about to start hiking again when a group of six thru-hikers showed up. It was great to see so many compatriots and have people to trade stories with. The next two days flew by as we made our way up and down valleys and into Chama. In Chama, the 7 of us shared a 3 bedroom suite. Traveling with a group can make accommodations much cheaper.

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