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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lake City

I was planning on only staying a night in Lake City, but was convinced to take a 0 day, and what a day it was.
Lake City is a small cute town with a great hospitality. I stayed at the Raven's Rest Hostel that is owned and operated by a former thru-hiker. I was convinced to stay a second night because it was was rib night at the local bar-b-q place and it gave me more time to tour town.It also happened to be the opening night of the local art show.
Then another hiker, Lint showed up. He was an old friend of Greg's, who happened to be in Salida. I sent Greg a text and he convinced a girl at the hostel he was staying at to make the trip back and hang out. We had a great time that night trading stories of our trail so far.
The next day we got a ride back to the trailhead with the hostel owner, in a VW van with their dog. A great way to get back to a trail.

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