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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


August has been a busy month with more work and another fire.

We got called to a fire near Bridgeport, CA. The initial reports made it sound promising, but hardwork made it mostly contained when we got there. Bummer for me. It was right next to the Marine Mountain Warfare Training center for Marines training to go to Afghanistan so they were very interested in us getting it completely out. So we were there for four days and were staying in the barracks on base. There were a few to many crew cuts for me, and they were impressed with our organization and quickness. They also flew in a sweet helicopter and that impressed all of us.

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It's also harvesting season in the garden. After a weak start, things are looking good I have pepers, cucumber, Squash and very small spinach growing along with some pretty flowers.

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And with my birthday coming up, it's time to renew my passport. I can't believe they let me keep this picture for ten years. A little different now. Sixteen was not the best year for me. At least now I have something to show my children when they think they have it rough.

1 comment:

Carolina said...

That is soo the Brooks I remember! Man I'm (we're) old---er ;)