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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rebel Creek

Last weekend Jessica led a Leave No Trace course up Rebel creek, north of town.

We had a great time and went backpacking for Saturday night. It was about five miles in and we had all ranges of experience. I think everyone had a great time and learned a lot about teaching Leave No Trace principals to others.

Our hike was only five miles in, but all uphill and the first 3.5 through the desert in the heat of the day. It was rough on a lot of the group and I ended up taking two gallons of water off people. We were also a little surprised to have cows in our campsite that were unexpected. There was a bit of a smell, but it was workable.

The hike out was a lot better, downhill with much less water. We stopped for awhile next to a spring that was covered in moss. It was a perfect little scene, so we took a group picture. We got back to the trucks and wrapped it up. Not a bad weekend.

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