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Sunday, June 14, 2009

4 Runner

I got a new car!

I was in Reno for a week for work and I came out to my car one day and my car wouldn't start. It was a bummer and I wasn't sure why. I got a ride home and came back the next day and it started. I took it in and they said that they couldn't figure out the problem because the computer system was toast. They said it would take half a day to fix the computer problems, if they could be fixed and that would be 400 bucks. And that probably wouldn't actually solve the problem, but help identify it. I could tell there was a long road ahead to go down that path.

So I went over to the Toyota dealer and left with an '07 4 Runner. It's been great. It was sad to say bye to the old blue Explorer. I took that thing across the western United States and got some good use out of it. In the end it only had 126,000 miles on it, which seems low for the number of trips I went on. When they were parked next to each other at the dealer the door of the Explorer gave the first nick to the 4 Runner. Seemed appropriate.

It was great to have AC again in a car. And I love 4 wheel drive. It makes driving much more fun and lots more access to the back country. I see much more exploring in the future. I took it for a turn along some dirt roads behind town.

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