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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Memorial day always means the Black Rock Rendezvous. They even did a story about it in the Reno paper and used a picture with Jessica and me in it: It is always what really kicks off summer for me.

This was my third time and I didn't take nearly enough pictures of people. But the sunsets were amazing, and I got plenty of those shots. Friday was pretty low key. We brought out the cornhole game that Adam left us last summer.

Saturday was the expo day. I had seen much of the stuff before so I wandered down to the little park. I met a couple from Bern, Switzerland who got a Harley and were driving across the country. Then I ended up making several trips to the bar for the delicious bloody mary's.

Saturday night had an amazing sunset that just kept getting better.

Then there were some rockets. They launched a few Saturday night that had strobes on them. Sunday they launched the bigger rockets, but it was hard to capture on film.

Sunday night was the big party. There was food, fire and music, as well as the famous Will Rogers margarita. I had a good time and collapesed in the tent when I went to bed.

Can't wait till next year!

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