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Saturday, June 27, 2009


When Jessica and I moved into this house, the backyard was destroyed. The previous owner had two dogs that dug holes, and it was covered with weeds. So this spring, I decided to replant it. Now that it's looking good, I thought I would share the progress. I planted it in mid-May, now it's about six weeks later.

Here are the initial shots. That rusty coffee can had been sitting out there for the first five months we lived here.

Getting rid of the weeds was an improvement.

Then came the tilling.

I raked it all out, put down the grass seed and covered it with straw.

After a couple of weeks you could see it start to grow!

Now here it is after six weeks, and right after it was cut for the first time.

There are still a few holes, and some weeds to get out, but it feels great to walk on! A little fertilizer and more watering, I think it will be good.
One more look at those before and after pictures