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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Scramble, Be Flexible

Well after about two weeks off in Boise, I'm heading back to the trail. I've done about 1000 miles now and gone through 2 pairs of shoes. To me, this has been the preseason warm up before the regular season begins. All the snow, the high altitude passes, the large mileage days is all in preperation for what I've been looking forward to most. After looking at snow levels and reading blogs of south bounders, I've decided to flip around my schedule. I'm going to start in southern Idaho and head north along the Idaho Centennial Trail to the Canadian border. I plan on seeing my friends Chet and Melissa and their new baby in Sandpoint, before making my way to Jasper. I'm thinking of taking the train to Vancouver, then up to Jasper, but those plans aren't firm. I'll hike from Jasper south and down to Helena. Hopefully I'll miss most of the snow issues that some people are having. As we said in Philmont, "Scramble, Be Flexible."

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