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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Stanley, ID

Stanley, ID is a mecca of the outdoors. To the south are the Sawtooths with hiking, climbing and mountaineering; to the north lies the Middle Fork of the Salmon River driving right through the Frank Church Wilderness of No Return. It's not a big town, but it has character. I was only planning on staying a night, but was feeling sick so stayed around for an extra night.
I had one of the best hitching experiences out of Stanley. I walked to the edge of town and stuck out my thumb. Along came a pickup, so I gave my best hiker look. Then I saw the lightbar on top and realized he was law enforcement. It's illegal to hitch in most states, so I hid my thumb. He rolled up and asked where I was going, I said "Marsh Creek." To my surprise, he said, "That's a little far for me, if it was closer I'd take you myself." Not a ride, but not a ticket! At the same time a girl in the parking lot behind me heard me, so when she was ready to go, she pulled around and asked if she could take me. She wasn't heading that way and took me the whole 17 miles out there. We had a nice chat and she had a frozen gatorade for me. The world is full of nice people.

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